Sabado, Abril 16, 2011

Finally, she is born! Meet my new baby..Shop So Wee!

Welcome to my online cornucopia centered on art, music, trinkets, favorite finds, trends, architecture & design and the likes.
For the longest time I have been meaning to pour the contents of a folder in my desktop labeled "stuff".. you know, those things, people, etc. that you encounter and say "That's quite interesting.." then grab your camera or mobile and take a photo. Or while working online you came across a great find or good read and bookmarked it. Anything from the conventional to the unorthodox.

Just like any birth the conception is easy but then the decision on a name that aptly describes becomes such a major decision. It took me almost five months to decide with a long list to chose from. From the mundane to the unusual but none had the ring to it. Gee, if its a real kid then probably the priest will slap me for taking so long.

Decided on her name awaking from a dream..nah! Family and friends always say that I'm into different interests and wonder how I cope with such a "chop suey" kind of life. Add the interest in androgynous frocks, wide array of friends (which cannot exist in one room..that will be lethal lols!) and as stated above, the folder of "documented stuff."

Blog etymology:
Shop So Wee - from Chop suey - (Chinese: 杂碎; pinyin: zá suì;) literally "assorted pieces"
Shop - will mention where to find those featured
So Wee - "that's so wee" is a favorite expression; also this gave me that a-ha! moment with the name

So raise your glasses and buckle up..welcome to my conventionally unorthodox world!

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