Martes, Hunyo 14, 2011

Signs and Graffitti: My Name Sprayed by Mach Diesel in the States

Veering away from the usual posts because this is just too aweeesome to not post. Got a message from dear friend Mach "Diesel" Manuel in the States and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I'm really flattered but at the same time I hope this didn't get you in any trouble haha! It was great seeing you back in Manila a few winks ago and am really glad everything's going well with you. 

Oh, and thank you also for the Wonder Woman action figure (it will be in a separate post plus will shoot and post the video-diary you asked Mark to take of me soon) Wonder Woman was worth the wait and is now happily perched with my Red Nimbus hauls!

Huwebes, Hunyo 9, 2011

Esprit de Corps: FairyTale Silver-Gold Watch

Esprit ES100492003($181.13)
I've had this arm candy since last year but have been using it just recently. Always have been a watch person as in never mind the earrings, necklace or other accessories just a good albeit expensive or not, classic or quirky arm candy and my rockin' frocks mood for the day is complete!

I like Esprit's Fairytale Silver-Gold Watch because of its classic casing look plus the face with white background and numbers that are quite big easily aids in telling me the time.
Form, function, style and reasonably priced..fabulously weee!

Miyerkules, Abril 27, 2011

Ceiling Lamps: Light fixtures from the classic, contemporary, to the flamboyant

Chandelier - (classic) Decorative branches w/ light bulbs or candles w/ faux swarovski
Shop: At a Marikina Filipino restaurant
My cousin (Ate Fely) who worked at Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines (PDDCP) brought me over for an office party. After that I was a regular visitor at choice exhibits, for her to baby sit (I usually stay at the library), drop by either to pick her up or as a quick stop before going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), World Trade Center (WTC) or Star City.

Dome - (contemporary) Ceiling incorporated w/ dancing LED lights
Shop: Manila Ocean Park

Capiz - (native/indigenous) Most common Philippine lighting fixture trademark
Shop: At various Philippine specialty stores at malls, Quiapo underpass or Dapitan Arcade

Decorative Wall Washer - (modern/eclectic) This one is made of exaggerated long faux horns
Shop: At a five-star hotel in Makati

 Chandelier - (minimalist/modern/eclectic) An updated take on a classic with faux candles
Shop: At a condominium function room at The Fort

Dome - (classic) High ceiling makes use of natural light during the day
Shop: At Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City

Needless to say those visits, the PDDCP designers and their library opened my eyes more to art, architecture, design and Philippine indigenous materials. I was fascinated by Industrial Design then but after much personal assessment, chose Interior Design for college (much to the chagrin of my parents who would have wanted a choice between Medical Science or Engineering).

Anyway, just last year I started taking photos of lighting fixtures from the classic to the unique. So here are some of them. Enjoy!

Capiz - (modern/eclectic) A modern tale on the classic Capiz lighting
Shop: At SpaRGA

Grouped Hanging Lamps - 70's era or Lava Lamp-inspired made w/ tempered colored glass
Shop: At an Indian restaurant at A. Venue

 Birdcage (grouped) - (modern/contemporary/eclectic) brilliant combination of design and function
Shop: At a restaurant in Greenbelt 

Birdcage (group) - these are smaller then the previous and incorporates round bulbs
Shop: At a restaurant at Ayala Triangle

Shaped - (eclectic) Sunflower-shaped ceiling fixtures from ceiling lamps to pin lights
Shop: At a Pahiyas-themed restaurant in Glorietta 5

Hanging Corner Lamp - (modern/eclectic) made with faux brocade fabric and umbrella wire base 
Shop: At a condominium unit in Makati

Sabado, Abril 16, 2011

Dyson: Multiplier Fan AM01DM30WS

Dyson Multiplier Fan AM01DM30WS 
Shop: David Jones (AU$359)
Without the description below the photo one might think its a mosquito repeller or quite oddly, a fan stripped of its blades left lying around. Aunt Sally acquired this at David Jones and had it delivered from Sydney to Manila. 

On the manual it said, "A 30cm blade-less fan in white and silver utilizing Dyson's Air Multiplier technology to generate smooth, uninterrupted airflow with no unpleasant buffeting."
Okay, so its a fan. What's the difference?

It uses Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it 15 times. Air Multiplier technology makes use of an airfoil-shaped ramp (like a cross-section through an airplane wing). Then airflow is amplified from 15 to 18 times depending on the model. Thus creating a smooth, powerful airflow, with no need for fast-spinning blades. Plus its easy to clean - nothing to dismantle. Touch-tilt - pivots with a touch of a finger.

Isn't it great how far science and technology has advanced in terms of child-friendly and efficient appliances (and makes for a great conversation piece too) wee!

Well, that's it for now. More chop suey soon!

Calvin Klein: Cat Eyes Sunglasses (4091s 311A seies)

Calvin Klein Sunglasses Cat Eyes 4091s 311A
Havana Dark Brown Shaded  ($135)
I've always been a fan of sunglasses! From the branded to the generic its a must-have whenever I go out. Favorite styles are "cat eyes" and "aviators" not just because it compliments almost any facial structure but due to my parents' influence (God bless their souls).
Sunglasses at Munting Buhangin (2007)
Shop: SM Department Store

 Sunglasses at a fun run (2010)
Shop: Robinsons Department Store

 Ray Ban Polarized: Aviator Large Metal RB 3025-70 ("polarized or "reduce glare") ($140)
Shop: Ray Ban specialty stores nationwide

Mother liked"cat eyes" in white and I saw numerous class pictures with her wearing such style when she was still teaching (which I guess added to the "terror" of her students haha!) Father wore Ray Ban "aviators" dark brown shade with gold rims which complimented any color of his uniform (white, khaki or camouflage).
Sunglasses at a Safari ride
Shop: Ray Ban specialty stores nationwide

 Sunglasses mimicking Jacki O. at a party (2010)
Shop: Louis Vuitton specialty stores nationwide

 Lounging in my Calvin Klein sunglasses (2011)
Shop: Calvin Klein specialty stores nationwide

The Calvin Klein pair above is a gift from someone "stylishly flamboyant and posh" whom I met at a party. Long story short, after a month I was contacted by his assistant and asked if I'd like a new pair since they handle certain lifestyle brands. No strings attached..just drop by, chose a style, wear it and enjoy (so wee!).

My jaw dropped, flabbergasted and after coming to my senses, positively replied and set a date when to chose my sunglasses. It was a blessing since my Ray Ban was irreparable (amputated while inside my bag). But due to hectic schedule, it took almost another month for me to drop by, chose and then enjoy (my bad).

Sunglasses are not just to make a fashion statement or to hide eye bags from a recent party. Its an essential because just like sunblock for the skin, you have to protect your eyes and block harmful UV rays. It need not be branded as long as it could block 80-90% percent of UV rays and also absorb most HEV rays. Wrap around styles are advisable (plus that style prevents wrinkles too).

Well, that's it for now. More chop suey soon!

Finally, she is born! Meet my new baby..Shop So Wee!

Welcome to my online cornucopia centered on art, music, trinkets, favorite finds, trends, architecture & design and the likes.
For the longest time I have been meaning to pour the contents of a folder in my desktop labeled "stuff".. you know, those things, people, etc. that you encounter and say "That's quite interesting.." then grab your camera or mobile and take a photo. Or while working online you came across a great find or good read and bookmarked it. Anything from the conventional to the unorthodox.

Just like any birth the conception is easy but then the decision on a name that aptly describes becomes such a major decision. It took me almost five months to decide with a long list to chose from. From the mundane to the unusual but none had the ring to it. Gee, if its a real kid then probably the priest will slap me for taking so long.

Decided on her name awaking from a dream..nah! Family and friends always say that I'm into different interests and wonder how I cope with such a "chop suey" kind of life. Add the interest in androgynous frocks, wide array of friends (which cannot exist in one room..that will be lethal lols!) and as stated above, the folder of "documented stuff."

Blog etymology:
Shop So Wee - from Chop suey - (Chinese: 杂碎; pinyin: zá suì;) literally "assorted pieces"
Shop - will mention where to find those featured
So Wee - "that's so wee" is a favorite expression; also this gave me that a-ha! moment with the name

So raise your glasses and buckle up..welcome to my conventionally unorthodox world!