Sabado, Abril 16, 2011

Calvin Klein: Cat Eyes Sunglasses (4091s 311A seies)

Calvin Klein Sunglasses Cat Eyes 4091s 311A
Havana Dark Brown Shaded  ($135)
I've always been a fan of sunglasses! From the branded to the generic its a must-have whenever I go out. Favorite styles are "cat eyes" and "aviators" not just because it compliments almost any facial structure but due to my parents' influence (God bless their souls).
Sunglasses at Munting Buhangin (2007)
Shop: SM Department Store

 Sunglasses at a fun run (2010)
Shop: Robinsons Department Store

 Ray Ban Polarized: Aviator Large Metal RB 3025-70 ("polarized or "reduce glare") ($140)
Shop: Ray Ban specialty stores nationwide

Mother liked"cat eyes" in white and I saw numerous class pictures with her wearing such style when she was still teaching (which I guess added to the "terror" of her students haha!) Father wore Ray Ban "aviators" dark brown shade with gold rims which complimented any color of his uniform (white, khaki or camouflage).
Sunglasses at a Safari ride
Shop: Ray Ban specialty stores nationwide

 Sunglasses mimicking Jacki O. at a party (2010)
Shop: Louis Vuitton specialty stores nationwide

 Lounging in my Calvin Klein sunglasses (2011)
Shop: Calvin Klein specialty stores nationwide

The Calvin Klein pair above is a gift from someone "stylishly flamboyant and posh" whom I met at a party. Long story short, after a month I was contacted by his assistant and asked if I'd like a new pair since they handle certain lifestyle brands. No strings attached..just drop by, chose a style, wear it and enjoy (so wee!).

My jaw dropped, flabbergasted and after coming to my senses, positively replied and set a date when to chose my sunglasses. It was a blessing since my Ray Ban was irreparable (amputated while inside my bag). But due to hectic schedule, it took almost another month for me to drop by, chose and then enjoy (my bad).

Sunglasses are not just to make a fashion statement or to hide eye bags from a recent party. Its an essential because just like sunblock for the skin, you have to protect your eyes and block harmful UV rays. It need not be branded as long as it could block 80-90% percent of UV rays and also absorb most HEV rays. Wrap around styles are advisable (plus that style prevents wrinkles too).

Well, that's it for now. More chop suey soon!

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