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Ceiling Lamps: Light fixtures from the classic, contemporary, to the flamboyant

Chandelier - (classic) Decorative branches w/ light bulbs or candles w/ faux swarovski
Shop: At a Marikina Filipino restaurant
My cousin (Ate Fely) who worked at Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines (PDDCP) brought me over for an office party. After that I was a regular visitor at choice exhibits, for her to baby sit (I usually stay at the library), drop by either to pick her up or as a quick stop before going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), World Trade Center (WTC) or Star City.

Dome - (contemporary) Ceiling incorporated w/ dancing LED lights
Shop: Manila Ocean Park

Capiz - (native/indigenous) Most common Philippine lighting fixture trademark
Shop: At various Philippine specialty stores at malls, Quiapo underpass or Dapitan Arcade

Decorative Wall Washer - (modern/eclectic) This one is made of exaggerated long faux horns
Shop: At a five-star hotel in Makati

 Chandelier - (minimalist/modern/eclectic) An updated take on a classic with faux candles
Shop: At a condominium function room at The Fort

Dome - (classic) High ceiling makes use of natural light during the day
Shop: At Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City

Needless to say those visits, the PDDCP designers and their library opened my eyes more to art, architecture, design and Philippine indigenous materials. I was fascinated by Industrial Design then but after much personal assessment, chose Interior Design for college (much to the chagrin of my parents who would have wanted a choice between Medical Science or Engineering).

Anyway, just last year I started taking photos of lighting fixtures from the classic to the unique. So here are some of them. Enjoy!

Capiz - (modern/eclectic) A modern tale on the classic Capiz lighting
Shop: At SpaRGA

Grouped Hanging Lamps - 70's era or Lava Lamp-inspired made w/ tempered colored glass
Shop: At an Indian restaurant at A. Venue

 Birdcage (grouped) - (modern/contemporary/eclectic) brilliant combination of design and function
Shop: At a restaurant in Greenbelt 

Birdcage (group) - these are smaller then the previous and incorporates round bulbs
Shop: At a restaurant at Ayala Triangle

Shaped - (eclectic) Sunflower-shaped ceiling fixtures from ceiling lamps to pin lights
Shop: At a Pahiyas-themed restaurant in Glorietta 5

Hanging Corner Lamp - (modern/eclectic) made with faux brocade fabric and umbrella wire base 
Shop: At a condominium unit in Makati

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